Investment AnalysisInvestment - Cost Benefit - Life Cycle Cost Analysis Software

Investit Decisions investment & Cost/Benefit analysis software can be used for wide variety on investment decisions and can be applied to profit and non profit organizations.

Investment Cost Benefit and Life Cycle Cost LCCA Analysis examples

  1. Investment analysis. A cement company has to move the cement 300 yards from one silo to another.
  2. They can a) pump the cement through a pipeline or b) use a covered conveyor. Which is the most cost effective?

  3. Cost benefit analysis. An organization is considering expanding their production facilities to generate more sales revenue.
  4. The organization can spend $11,000,000 to expand their New Jersey plant to increase the production and sales of Product A & B.

    For $15,000,000 than can also add a new product called Product Z. In addition, if they spend $15,000,000 they can lower the cost per unit of producing product A and B resulting in additional savings.

    Should the organization invest $11,000,000 or $15,000,000?

  5. Life cycle costing analysis LCCA. The owners of a large office building are considering replacing the aging and inefficient HVAC system. The choices being evaluated using Investit Decisions are:

    • Continue operating the existing, inefficient system and replace in 5 years' time.
    • Install a new HVAC system for $800,000 with an expected life of 15 years resulting in lower utility, maintenance & labor costs.
    • Install a premium HVAC system for $1,300,000 with an expected life of 25 years resulting in significantly lower utility and operating costs

  6. Plant location decision. A company is building a new manufacturing plant and is considering two locations: a) Tucson, Arizona or b) Austin, Texas. From an economic perspective, which location is the most cost effective location over the long run?
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