Investment, Cost Benefit, Life Cycle Cost Analysis Software

Investit Decisions. Overview

Investit Decisions is financial, capital budgeting, cost/benefit and engineering economic analysis and life cycle cost analysis software using discounted and incremental cash flow analysis that can be easily adapted and applied to any industry and to non profit organizations such as government, cities, hospitals, universities etc.

You can carry out in-depth financial analysis using Investit Decision's:

  1. Investment and cost/benefit analysis
  2. Life cycle cost analysis LCCA
  3. Keep versus Replace analysis software (Equipment replacement analysis software)
  4. Outsourcing or Make or Buy decisions analysis software
  5. Buy or Leasing of equipment decisions analysis software
  6. Incremental or differential cash flow analysis software
  7. Compare up to four analysis side by side
  8. Calculator offers a variety of Financial Calculators which allow you to solve financial problems and make wise financial choices.

All in one comprehensive financial analysis software program.